Video Clips

Ever Active Schools has created video clips to support school communities in creating a healthy school community. Below you will find videos on physical activity and healthy eating. For more videos, visit our YouTube channel. Check back soon for student leadership and physical literacy videos. If you have ideas for videos, let us know! Contact Shannon to submit your ideas! 

Winter Running TipsThursday, April 3, 2014
Watch for tips to take your run outside during the winter months!
Physical Literacy Summer InstituteFriday, February 7, 2014
In August 2013, Ever Active Schools offered a unique professional development opportunity. This two-day summer institute provided support to those teaching elementary physical education in developing physically literate students.
Can't Touch This
In this small-sided invasion game, participants have opportunities to practice offense and defense that can be applied to numerous sports. This activity was taken from the Recipe Card Lesson Plans.
Five Finger Fling
Five Finger Fling is a great small space activity. This video demonstrates how to play it two different ways.
Fitness Dice
The Fitness Dice Activity Poster can be used implement daily physical activity or in your physical education class. It focuses on the three components of fitness (cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility).
Healthy After School Snack - Yogurt Parfait
Kaitlyn and Madison demonstrate an easy, healthy after school snack using 3 ingredients. This recipe was featured in the "School's Out...Let's Move" calendar. The calendar features 16 months of detachable snack and physical activity ideas.
Rock Paper Scissors Blitz
Rock Paper Scissors Blitz is a great activity for all ages and all sizes of groups. This activity can be used as a warm up or to work on fundamental movement skills (as shown in the video). Have fun!
Party Rock Anthem Dance
This activity is a low risk, free-flowing dance set to the song "Party Rock Anthem". It can be utilized with larger groups and in many different environments.
That's Not My Name Dance
Have fun teaching your students dance with this low risk dance activity! Get your students up and moving!
Circle Goal
This activity is a great lead up to the fundamental movement skill (FMS) of striking. It can be used in small spaces or with large groups.
Locomotor License
This activity focuses on teaching locomotor skills, linking fundamental movement skills and the Alberta Physical Education Program of Study. This activity is great for use in the gymnasium or outdoors.
Dominoes Fitness
Dominoes Fitness is a great differentiated fitness-based activity. The activities on the cards are based on the three components of fitness. The cards each have 2 activities, one higher intensity and one lower intensity.
Rock Paper Scissors Football
This interactive, low equipment activity is great for getting student's heart rates elevated.
Desk Relay
A great cross-curricular Daily Physical Activity (DPA).
Mingle Mingle
A great activity to divide students or adults into groups.
Hoop Pass
An activity that can be used in a small or large spaces with students as a fun, cooperative energizer.
Wellness Jive
This activity is a great large group energizer to help connect to the aspects of wellness.